Kasteler In Kobe

Kasteler In Kobe

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sick :(

Greetings from Nihon! I love this place and my mission more and more every day. This week I dont have much time to write but I will do my best to tell you all about this amazing week.

So, for the first few days of this week, I got really sick. I had to stay in bed (Mission President's orders) and it was really hard for me because I just wanted to be studying or working or talking to people. I spent a lot of time sleeping and feeling pretty bad haha. I was throwing up quite a bit, but thats okay. I got a blessing from the zone leaders and Im doing a ton better now. (Dont worry mom!!!) :) When I was sick though, I got pretty homesick too. So that was not too fun. but that is okay. I miss you family! and love you dearly! 
On friday, things got so much better :) We had zone training meeting, and I was able to see a few familiar faces from the MTC (other new missionaries who came to japan with me) so that was nice :) But the thing I really liked about zone training meeting was the stuff that was said by our amazing zone leaders. Elder Fukui gave a spiritual thought, and in it he said that whenever he has a hard day or doesnt want to get up in the morning, he pictures his mom and dad, at their bed side, praying for him. And it changes his whole day. I have done that every day this week and wow, it has truly changed my attitude about waking up early and studying extra hard. I love you all and am so grateful for your support and prayers. I can feel them and feel Gods love immensely. I said the prayer at zone training meeting in japanese and it was so scary! but it was a cool experience because everyone said my japanese is really good for only being here two weeks. maybe they were just saying that, but thats okay :) We got challenged to read the book of mormon before the end of february, and to use three different colors to highlight the things that are about the god head. i am really excited to read the book of mormon and do this challenge and learn more about my heavenly father, Jesus Christ, and the holy ghost. I love reading the scriptures. I read them every chance I get :) my testimony of them has grown so much and I know that they are true with all of my heart.
We met with our less active this week, and I just love her. I think as missionaries our capability to love people triples haha because I love her so much! It is so awesome to care about people the way that we do. i told her stories about the year before I came on my mission, and how it was a little crazy and she actually had a way similar experience and it was cool to see how my experiences, even though not all of them were necessarily good ones, have helped someone else. She told me trusts me a lot more and feels like she can relate. She calls us constantly now seeing when we can talk again haha. I shared a scripture with her from the book of mormon that has really helped me whenever I was struggling. Mosiah 24: 14-15. She really enjoyed it and we are hoping to get her back to church on sunday :) I love our investigators.
Saturday was the best day of my mission so far. our study block in the morning was the best one yet. I feel like i learned so much and got so much out of those 4 hours studying. everything felt productive! then, we went finding for 6 hours. It was hard. haha we met an australian, so that was nice to be able to talk to him. we will see where things go with him and the church :) After we had housed (knocking on peoples doors) for about 30 minutes, my companion turned to me and goes "okay, youre turn. im not going to say anything from now on." I got so scared. but i decided I would do it. I rang the next doorbell, and a lady came outside, which usually doesnt happen, and so i got nervous and said, in japanese, "Hello. I am sorry to interrupt whatever you are doing. I am a message. I want to share jesus christ's messenger with you." haha it was so embarrassing. but something to laugh about, so that is good! 
This week, my testimony has grown like it never has before. I LOVE being a missionary. and I love this gospel. I know that God knows each of us and that he puts us where we are for a reason. I am so grateful for my family and for everyone that has helped me get on a mission to serve these wonderful people. A man gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday about how me being in his ward has helped his testimony grow and has strengthened his family. I know that Heavenly Father put me in this area, in this ward, for a reason. Having Akashi be my first area on my mission has been the biggest blessing in my life. I know that there is a purpose for everything. I know that through our trials, and any times we feel alone or anything negative at all, the Lord is strengthening us. I know that we go through hard times and experiences to not only strengthen us, but to strengthen others. I am so grateful for this church and the wonderful blessing that it is to be a missionary. I know that these things are true with all of my heart. 

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week. Always remember to put a smile on your face and remember that YOU ARE LOVED! :)
Love always,
Kasteler 姉妹、

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