Kasteler In Kobe

Kasteler In Kobe

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

50 invites!

Hello everyone! Japan is awesome. This was the best week on the mission so far. BY FAR! I know you all are wondering, and yes, I did invite over 50 people to church! It was awesome because I realized just how much goal setting really helps us missionaries to work harder and improve. My japanese got a ton better this week, and I am starting to get a lot more courage about being a missionary and talking to everyone who I see and come in contact with. This week was crazy busy, but I will try to tell you a little bit about it.

First off, we got two new investigators this week, which is HUGE for Japan! One is a 30 year old woman who is so awesome and loves Jesus Christ so much. Whenever we talk about him she just cries! I know that she will get baptized, and she is so interested in coming to church and learning more. She has been prepared to hear our message, I have no doubt that that is true!


Our other new investigator is a 30 year old man from Argentina! You should see our lessons.... mixed with Spanish, Portuguese (since we have been learning that for our other investigators), japanese, and english! Kind of hectic... but Hey! Whatever works :) He loves the church already and LOVES Joseph Smith. We have another appointment with him tomorrow. So look forward to hearing more about these two wonderful people. I think there are some good things in their future!! :)


We had zone conference this week, and it was the best thing ever. It was so good to see some familiar faces, especially President and Sister Welch. They are so awesome! We are so lucky to have them. We got told that our Zone is going to have 5 baptisms before the end of the year.... I have a feeling one or two of my investigators will be included in that 5! Lets hope so! :) Welch Kaicho is really focusing our mission on the Book of Mormon, and I know that this is selfish, but I feel like it is just for me! I am so happy that he is my mission president, and know that I am here while he is here for a reason. I have this plan for the rest of my life. Want to hear it? Well Im going to tell you anyways. Haha so I am going to read a new copy of the Book of Mormon each time I finish the previous one, and start reading it with a question in mind, or something that I am looking for. Then, when I finish, I will have found my answer and will have received a ton of information that will help me, and then I am going to put it on a shelf in my house. This shelf is going to be just for my many books of mormon that I will read throughout my life, each with a different topic highlighted and studied. Then, my kids will do the same, and their grandkids, and so on, and someday we are going to have a whole room FULL of Books of Mormon. It will be so cool :) I love the Book of Mormon so much. There is truly nothing better.


I hit my 3 month mark this week! How crazy is that? It is going by so fast! I love being a missionary more and more every day.


Our other investigators are doing good. The Brazilian family is reallllly progressing. It is so awesome. Yesterday they told us that they all want to be baptized! The only problem is that the wife, Patricia, has work on Sunday mornings. But she requested next week off so that she can come to church with her family. You could say that we are just a little bit excited :)


This week I read the book Our Search for Happiness by Elder M Russell Ballard. If you havent read it, read it! It is so good. I just love studying and reading lately, which is SO not like me haha. The mission really does change people ;)



Along with this week being the best dendo (mission) week, this week was also a hilarious week. Here are a few funny/story-telling moments:


1. This week was my first experience of a japanese earthquake! I was scared like crazy but everyone else in the apartment thought it was no big deal. Haha kind of embarrassing. But yeah, it was super cool!


2. I crashed my bike..... so embarrassing. But I only got a few bruises, and didnt tear my clothes. So that is a plus! :)


3. One of our potential investigators wanted us to meet her friends, so we went to her house and she took us to some weird japanese dance class hahaha so we just sat and watched and learned traditional japanese dances. It was interesting. But it was way cool to be more involved in the culture and to show these people that just because we are christian, doesnt mean that we do not like their culture or dont believe that it is a good thing!


4. We had a YSA dinner last night, and somebody brought salsa that was called "Salsa From Hell." It was pretty funny. Then one of the Japanese sisters, in english, goes "Can you give me some Hell?" talking about the salsa haha it was so funny.


5. This week I ate sea urchin..... EW! Actually it wasnt even that bad. The food here sure is interesting though!


Anyways, that is all to report for this week. I hope youre all doing good. As we enter the holiday season, remember who we are celebrating! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. I know that He is my savior and my brother. I know that this gospel is true, 100%, and I love being a missionary with all of my heart. Have a good week :) Be kind to those around you!! 愛しています。




Sister Kasteler




"As naturally and as regularly as we seek air, He seeks to bless."


-Tad R. Callister

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  1. Hi Malia, Aunt Susan updated the family contact sheet and I was excited to see your blog address on it. How exciting that you are serving a mission! I love that you are keeping this blog so we can follow along with you in you adventures. Take care and Happy Holidays!